ATL Server: Visual C++ shared source software

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The following parts of ATL Server will part of the shared project:

  • Core ATL Server Framework classes in atlisapi.h, atlstencil.h, atlserr.h
  • Caching classes in atlcache.h
  • Cryptography classes in atlcrypt.h
  • HTML generation on server side and reading on client sides in atlhtml.h
  • Performance monitoring classes in atlperf.h
  • Extension management classes in atlextmgmt.h
  • Server and client side support for SOAP based Web services in atlsharedsvc.h, atlsoap.h
  • Session-state classes and interfaces in atlsession.h
  • MIME/SMTP support in atlmime.h and atlsmtpconnection.h
  • Regular Expression support from atlrx.h
  • Stream helpers in atlsoap.h and atlhtml.h
  • Many of the ATL Server tutorials, samples and help pages