Could you hire me? Contact me if you like what I’ve done in this article and think I can create value for your company with my skills.

22 years of .NET and SQL Server expertise at your service

Could you hire me? If you like what I’ve done in my blog articles and think I can create value for your company with my skills, contact me at the bottom of the page.

My Services

.NET Performance Optimization

Is your .NET code slow and burning the CPU?

Finding and eliminating bottlenecks in your .NET code

.NET Memory Leak Investigation

Is your software gradually consuming more and more memory?

Make your software more reliable by finding out why its memory usage increases in time

.NET Troubleshooting

Annoying exceptions? Service outages? Deadlocks? IIS crashes?

Finding out the root cause and the solution to them

SQL Server Query Optimization

Do you suffer from slow queries?

Tuning your queries to make efficient use of your database resources, so you pay less for the database service

SQL Server Troubleshooting

Blocked queries? Deadlocked transactions? Occasional timeouts?

Solving such problems is possible with my assistance

Entity Framework Best Practices

Does your selects are massive? Are adding rows to the database slow?

Making your Entity Framework code more efficient

Establishing a Unit Testing culture

Are you aware of the value of the automated tests but could not make the first steps?

Helping to write automated tests for your new or legacy code

Architecture Review

Is your codebase run out of your hand?

Reviewing and changing the design of your application to make it more maintainable and testable

Creating Build Pipeline

Are you aware that the CI/CD pipeline is the heart of everyday DevOps practices?

Creating a Continuous Integration pipeline that supports your dev team and product

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