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Benefit thieves – we are closing in

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A briteknek megvan a magukhoz való esze – velünk szemben:

“The Department for Work and Pensions (DWP) takes benefit theft very seriously. Although the vast majority of people who claim benefits are honest, those who steal benefits are picking the pockets of law-abiding taxpayers. In 2007-08 benefit thieves stole an estimated £800 million from public funds, that’s why we are determined to catch them.

Benefit theft includes deliberately not telling us:

* you are now living with a partner
* about any savings or not telling us the right amount
* children have left home
* you have started work, or about any earnings
* you have inherited money
* you are going abroad, living abroad, or have changed address.

There are no exceptions. People who knowingly withhold information or deliberately fail to report a change in their circumstances are benefit thieves. It is not ‘playing the game’ – it is breaking the law!”

Vö. a mi kormányunk hozzáállásával:
“a kormány a szociális biztonságot nem fogja a gazdasági növekedés oltárán feláldozni”.
Ez itt a probléma, kérem, többek között.

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