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The Origin of LINQ to SQL – politikai erőviszonyok az MS háza táján, avagy miért csúszott éveket az ObjectSpaces

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Zokszigentől kaptam ezt a linket.
Az egyik LINQ tervező-programoló fakad ki, nagyon izgalmas írás.

“Why didn’t I start with WinFS? After all, it was all the rage inside the SQL Server org at the time. Unfortunately, it was the same story as with ObjectSpaces. They were shipping before us. We weren’t on their radar. Their hubris was bigger than ours. Not to mention my belief that WinFS was the biggest fiasco I’d ever bore witness to, but that’s another story.

“We on the outside used to refer to WinFS as the black hole, forever growing, sucking up all available resources, letting nothing escape and in the end producing nothing except possibly a gateway to an alternate reality.”

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