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Vista RDP kliens jelszavak előre megadása

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A Vistán RDP kliensbe nem lehet előre beírni a jelszót, csak egy külön credentials ablakban, amiben viszont nincs kopi-paszta. Bonyolult jelszavaknál ez igen “örömteli”.

Szerencsére van megoldás (az egyik kommentben), a lényeget bepasztázom ide:

“A simple way around this is to first store the credential you want to use in CredMan outside of Remote Desktop. Fire up CredMan by running “control keymgr.dll” at the command prompt. Then press the “Add” button. Enter in the IP address of the server (e.g. “″) and the username and password you want. Then make sure you use the “Web site or program credential” radio selection (for connections to non-Vista machines). Save the credential and start Remote Desktop. Expand the Remote Desktop UI and type in the IP address in the “Computer” field on the General tab and it should pick up the saved credential. Then hit “Connect” and you should not be prompted.”

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